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Make your new life in Technology.



本公司除了銷售潮流科技和影音產品之外,另有提供專業之產品維護技術的服務,有關攝影周邊產品與專業級商用或家用保安系統服務到香港及澳門大型機構,成為品牌產品之緊密市場策略合作伙伴。 為配合銷售策略擴大銷售網絡,其中一項,我司現正與招攬各國同類型公司磋商合作發展機會,把本公司其下之產品加盟進駐,為各國有潛力同類型發展商擴大銷售網絡。 

YS Creative Tech HK Ltd is a wholesale and retail company that pursues trendy 
technology products and sports photography. As a distributor and agent, we are providing sales of audio & video plus shooting- assisted as well as the electronic peripheral products in a professional way. By virtue of customer-oriented beliefs, we constantly look for innovative technology and bring them to those technology lovers and customers.
In response to the market on the different needs of science and technology products, we are constantly seeking and negotiate all kinds of product brands to become the brand distribut or. On the other hand, we will respond to the trend of the market, vigorously promote those brands that we are being their agent, and wish we could bring the good products to every corner of the world. 
We also provide export trade cooperation, wholesale brand agency authority to other companies are interested in common development to the rest of the world's sales network. In addition to the sales of technology and audio & video products, we also provide professional maintenance services, the surrounding peripheral products and professional commercial use or home security system services To Hong Kong and Macau's large institutions, to be our brand products' market strategy partner. In line with the sales strategy to expand sales network, we seek for the same type of companies in consultation with the development opportunities. Let's our company's products  join together with the same type of potential products to develop and expand the sales network.



(1) 第62,63屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車車隊贊助

(2) 香港滑翔傘聯會(鐵+2航空公司,私人慈善團體)

(3) 香港滑翔傘聯會

(4) 香港電單車會

(5) 香港越野單車比賽

(6) 冬季購物展推廣

(7) 香港ESTIMA汽車俱樂部活動贊助商

(8) 香港歌.影.視三方藝人公開活動贊助

(9) 香港大學.城市大學多媒體發展贊助

(10) 香港各大週刊廣告推廣活動
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We are a strategic brand agency and sales company, in order to implement the responsibility and identifyof being an agent, we will continue to plan more publicity opportunities, to grasp more brands in the industry to enhance visibility, increasing sales and enhance products' ranking. We will seek and contact different companies and potential distributors to launch our brand products, and help them to plan the publicity projects and tailor-made promotional activities by our professional strategy, to upgrade the brand products' market share and enhance their reputation in international community. We already have a professional online platform, it could make more local people or people from the corner of the world get to know us and buy the brand products from us.

We have participated in local and international public events include:

(1)The Macau Grand Prix 

(2) Hong Kong Paragliding Association (IKY Airlines, Private Charity) 

(3) Hong Kong Paragliding Federation

(4) Hong Kong Motorcycle

(5) Hong Kong Cross Country Competition

(6) 2016 Mega Show Expo

(7) Hong Kong ESTIMA Car Club event sponsor 

(8) Hong Kong song. Film. Visual. Three artists entertained public event 

(9) Hong Kong University. City University Multimedia Development Sponsorship

(10) Hong Kong major weekly advertising campaign           
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