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1. 非工商地區指該地址的物業為住宅用途。
2. 如收寄件地點位於非工商地區,需取港幣$30非工商地區附加費。
3. 如收寄件地點位於偏遠地區,需取港幣$30偏遠地區附加費。
4. 如收寄件地點位於偏遠地區之非工商物業,則只收取港幣$30偏遠地區附加費。
5. 如於香港寄件或派件的地址為以上地點,需增加一個工作天。
6. 順豐速運保留最終解釋權。
7. 以上的資料僅供參考, 順豐速運有權隨時調整以上資料,而毋須另行通知。


有關非工商地址的詳情, 請致電順豐客戶服務熱線 (852) 2730 0273 (香港) 或 (853) 2873 7373 (澳門) 查詢。


購物滿HK$500或以上免運費 (投影幕除外):
香港(HONG KONG) :免運費

Delivery Instructions

1. Non-industrial area refers to the address of the property for residential use.
2. A non-business area surcharge of HKD$30 is required if the place of receipt is located in a non-business area.
3. If the place of receipt is located in a remote area, a surcharge of HKD $30 is required.
4. If the place of receipt is located in a non-commercial property in a remote area, only a surcharge of HKD $30 in remote areas will be charged.
5. If the address of the Hong Kong mail or parcel is above the above location, it will take one working day.
6. Shun Feng Express to retain the final interpretation.
7. The above information is for reference only, SF Express has the right to adjust the above information at any time without notice.

For more information on non-business addresses, please call Shun Feng customer service hotline at

(+852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong) or (+853) 2873 7373 (Macau).

Free shipping over HKD$500 or more (except projection screen):
Hong Kong: free shipping
Macau: HKD$120

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